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Expandable image gallery for WordPress

Inspired by Google´s image gallery we have created a gallery for WordPress that replaces the standard with one that gives you the ability to open images inside the content without the need to load a new page or use a modal box. This lightweight and responsive plugin improves user experience and brings dynamism, speed and usability to your site.

One of the main features of Xpand Gallery Pro is its widgetized sidebar! It allows an incredible amount of flexibility through the use of wordpress widgets to display useful information, ads, and pretty much anything you would use a widget for directly into your gallery.

Add this to the ability to customize it to blend with your design and the possibilities are limitless!

Buying the Xpand Gallery Pro also entitles you to receive full support and free updates for life.

Special Features

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    Seamless Visualization

    Images enlarge dynamically on the same page the user is navigating.

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    Widget Ready!

    The plugin adds a useful widget area, where you can place any widget you want.

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    Responsive Design

    Mobile devices and desktop devices are fully supported!

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    Customize it to suit your needs!

    Option panel in the WordPress back-end makes it easy to fit your design!

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    Show image title and description

    These are options useful for photographers and sites that use image descriptions

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    Further yet

    Navigation with keyboard arrows, dynamic image preload using Ajax

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    1. Is the gallery Flash based?

    No, Xpand Gallery uses HTML5 and JavaScript (jQuery) to display its content supporting a wide range of devices.
    2. Are the galleries mobile friendly?

    Yes, Xpand Gallery is fully responsive, working in many displays and screen resolutions.
    3. Do I have to make a special gallery for Xpand Gallery to work?

    No, it replaces WordPress native gallery making it compatible with your existing galleries or any gallery you add.
    4. How to install the plugin?

    • 1. Upload the xpand-image-gallery folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
    • 2. Make sure you have no other gallery or lightbox plugin activated that may cause a confict.
    • 3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
    • 4. Go to ‘Xpand Gallery’ -> ‘Settings’ and enter you license key to activate the PRO version of the plugin.
    • 5. After the activation is completed you can configure the plugin settings.
    • 6. Enjoy using the plugin.
    5. Is there a free version in WordPress Plugin Directory?

    Yes, the lite free version does not include the advanced customization tools or the widgetized sidebar. It’s only the gallery, you can download it from WordPress plugin directory here.
    6. Why is the gallery not working?

    Please make sure you have no other gallery or lightbox plugin activated, this can make a conflict with Xpand Gallery and prevent it from loading correctly.
    In case this doesn’t work you may have a conflict with an specific theme or plugin. Please get in touch and we will gladly help you!
    7. How does the sidebar of the gallery works?

    This sidebar can display any selected widget you added on the “Appearance > Widgets > XpandGallery Sidebar” panel in WordPress. It can also display the title and any content you entered on the description of the image.
    8. Are you Humans :)? Can I ask for your help?

    Sure! Our contact form is waiting for you!