Xpand Gallery PRO Documentation

How to install

1. Upload the xpand-image-gallery folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2. Make sure you have no other gallery or lightbox plugin activated that may cause a confict.
3. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress
4. Go to “Xpand Gallery” -> “Settings” and enter you license key to activate the PRO version of the plugin.
5. After the activation is completed you can configure the plugin settings.
6. Enjoy using the plugin

Widgetized sidebar

A new sidebar is created (XpandGallery Sidebar) to be displayed when the gallery is expanded. Here you can add any widget(*) you want.
If enabled in the plugin settings, this sidebar will be displayed everytime an image from the gallery is expanded and can include, for example:
Ad Banners, Logos, Text, etc.

(*) Widgets can be added, removed, and rearranged on the WordPress Administration Appearance > Widgets panel.

Image Description

By enabling the “Show image description on expanded box” setting you can also have the image description displayed on the sidebar to the right of the expanded image. This text-box, editable from the image’s settings panel, admits HTML code.
This offers great flexibilty since you can insert and format text, add additional images, iframes, or even videos to go along with the expanded image.

Xpand Gallery Settings:

-Set expanded box height (in pixels).
-Set animation speed (in mS).
-Enable widgetized sidebar on expanded box.
Having this option checked shows an area to the right of the image which can contain the title and description as well as any widgets you wish to display from the widgets menu.
-Select expanded box background color.
-Select expanded box text color.
-Show image title on expanded box.
-Show image description on expanded box.
-Select widget area position (top or bottom)
-Start with first image expanded (open).
This option leaves the first image in the gallery open by default when the page is loaded.


Why is the gallery not working?
Please make sure you have no other gallery or lightbox plugin activated, this can make a conflict with Xpand Gallery and prevent it from loading correctly.
In case this doesn’t work you may have a conflict with an specific theme or plugin. Please get in touch and we will gladly help you!

How does the sidebar of the gallery works?
This sidebar can display any selected widget you added on the “Appearance > Widgets” panel in WordPress. It can also display the title and any content you entered on the description of the image.

Where can I find the plugin documentation?
You can find the documentation on a PDF file included with the plugin files.